Annual Stewardship Campaign
2017 PCCC Stewardship Campaign

   "Faithful Lives ... Simply Done"

A personal message from: Pastor Tracy Hausman & The PCCC Finance Committee

Almost everyone I talk with describes their life as hectic.  There is just too much to be done; everything feels like a top priority. Often we are forced to tackle the urgent … leaving us without time for what is most important.

Too many people have abandoned lives of faith.  To them, it’s just “one more thing.”  Their belief in God, following Jesus’ footsteps, and a life of faith seems just too complicated, time consuming, and overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The secret to Transforming Lives begins inside each us – our own personal transformation.  Embracing faith isn’t about adding one more activity.  It’s a way of life.

Every day I see more and more members of our congregation describe their life of faith as simple.  “They get it!”  That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. But, I’m convinced our priorities will become clearer, we’ll do those things that are most important in life, and we’ll experience more joy and happiness if we embrace the following three simple spiritual practices.

Listen to GodStrengthen CommunitiesServe All:  These simple actions can powerfully transform lives.  They’ll be the focus of my sermons and our outreach efforts.

I see more adults discovering a deeper faith through growing participation in our bible studies, spiritual reflection groups and small groups; incredible children’s Sunday School teachers; great youth mentors, and; and a commitment to find the best Youth Pastor to help our kids develop a full life of faith.

Increasing our commitment to spiritual growth and community service in 2017 will require the best efforts from each of us.  Your support will determine what we can do in the year ahead.

As your Pastor and friend, I ask from a place of deep faith, hope and confidence that you make your most generous annual commitment yet to the 2017 PCCC Stewardship Campaign. We’ve got this!  But it won’t happen without your participation and financial support.

In gratitude,




Pastor Tracy Hausman


P.S.         When Brandie recently summarized some of the lives we’ve touched

this year, I just had to send it along.  Enclosed you’ll also find some great photos!




Whether you're new to Park City Community Church or a long-time member, your single most important gift of the year is to the Annual Stewardship Campaign.  Consider the role of the Church in your life ... and the impact it has on our community and the world.

Making a pledge -- simply your best guess as to what you'll give during 2015 -- is essential for PCCC's Trustees to establish and manage the operating budget.

To download our " 2015 Annual Stewardship Commitment Form" just CLICK HERE.


OTHER WAYS TO PARTICIPATE:  Other methods of fulfilling your 2015 Stewardship Gift are described below, including becoming a monthly sustaining donor using your bank's "Bill Pay," or our On-Line Giving option on this website.



Once you've decided on the annual amount of your stewardship commitment, there are many options as to how you can fulfill it.

Electronic Funds Transfer:  EFT allows consistent amounts to be drawn directly regularly from your banking account. This option allows you to give as a regular priority and it also reduces the processing expense for the church. To get started with EFT, you can complete an online commitment card and select the EFT option. If you are new to EFT, you will be asked to submit a voided check. For additional information please contact the Nina Chartrand in PCCC's Finance Department at 435-649-8131.

On-Line Donations: Using the on-line donation form on our website is a quick and easy way to support PCCC and to fulfill your Annual Stewardship Commitment.

On-line you can make a one-time contribution or set up automatic monthly contributions, enrolling you as a PCCC Monthly Sustainer.  To open a new window containing the PCCC On-Line Donation page just CLICK HERE.

PCCC Monthly Sustainers:  Enrollment in the PCCC Monthly Sustainers is reserved for our most dedicated supporters.

As a PCCC Sustainer, you agree to make ongoing, monthly gifts to PCCC. Your gifts can be deducted automatically from your bank account or charged automatically to your major credit card.

Your participation as a PCCC Monthly Sustainer allows you a convenient and affordable way to support Park City Community Church, and, if you chose one of our automatic-giving options, it allows you to offer your ongoing support without ever having to write out another check.

Personal Checks:  You can write a check for the total amount -- or write monthly checks -- and mail them to PCCC.

Thank you!  We appreciate your loyalty to Park City Community Church. You are invited to show your support in a new way that offers convenience for you and substantial benefits to PCCC and its work to make a very measurable difference in people’s lives, in their communities, and in the world.


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